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24k Minerals: CA$H Collection

The CA$H Collection is the first of many gift boxes to come from 24k Minerals. Our heart shaped box, including a variety of different crystals, was designed to help people learn and explore how crystals can impact and shape their lives. This box was designed specifically for helping you build and strengthen your relationship with money, as well as attract more money and prosperity into your life. Each crystal has its own unique properties and can be used as a tool to help bring your goals, aspirations, and intentions into fruition.

Use our CA$H Collection box to attract:

1. Prosperity

Being prosperous is defined as being successful, flourishing, or in a thriving condition,

especially in financial respects. Living in a state of prosperity allows us the ability to

2. Financial Independence

Being financially independent means that you are able not dependent on one source of

income or job to provide for you. financially independent prosperity allows you peace

of mind, time freedom, and the ability to focus on your passions.

3. Abundance

Abundance comes in all shapes and forms, and being abundant ide defined as “a

relative degree of plentifulness”. However, being abundant and living a life of

abundance means something different to everyone. 24k Minerals encourages everyone

to define what living a life of abundance means to them: emotionally, spiritually,

financially, etc.

4. Peace

Crystals are known for having specific vibrations, frequencies, and healing properties

and can help bring peace, clarity and restore energy.

CA$H Collection Crystals and Properties

Amethyst [balance·success·peace]

Kambaba Jasper [prosperity·nourishment·wisdom]

Botswana Agate [strength·possibility·comfort]

Septarian [confidence·well-rounded·happiness]

Amazonite [balance·success·peace]

Infinite Stone [self-esteem·creativity·energy restoration]

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